Airika travels to Russia to reflect on USA.

Love can make you move mountains, as well as travel across the world into unknown, and even intimidating places. Being an American today, there seems to be a fever pitch obsession with Russian hackers, Russian Trolls, Putin being the omnipotent dictator, and other projections of blame for our problems which avoid looking within. Airika, in the name of love, and fueled by an insatiable curiosity for the truth, has been visiting Russia for long trips so she can share with you a world far removed from the propaganda and misrepresentations that have become all pervasive and repetitious across the entire western world. Is this new? Let’s start a conversation together with this introduction and editing experiment. With patience, love for diversity, open minds and determination, let’s use creativity and curiosity bring the world together.

4 Replies to “Airika travels to Russia to reflect on USA.”

  • Helen L says:

    (Not sure how I got back in to my old account or whether I can repeat this feat! But now I am subscribed, yay!)

    Great video commentary, Airika! Thank Sasha for us!

    There was a brief pause in the type of demonization of Russia in the 1990’s. It occurred during the systematic western looting of the USSR’s formerly nationalized assets. Instead of villains, they portrayed Russians as hapless victims of ‘unworkable’ ‘failed’ communism. Meanwhile western imperialists had installed and controlled the puppet government of a very drunken Yeltsin. The storyline was “oh look at those stupid Russians they need our help.” Sorry to say that I still fell for all that Clinton era propaganda back then.

  • Artist1974CH says:

    Excellent video Airika!! 🙂

  • Kyriaki Maragozidis says:

    Great work, I look forward to your future posts!

  • Max Micheliov says:

    This is what I find most interesting these days – highly personal reports from the walks less traveled. Russia is a Terra incognita for an average Westerner. Look forward to hearing more from you!