Answering Questions Part 2 – My YouTube favourites, websites and my USA travels.

Well, not terribly personal !
My thanks to:
Jeffrey, and Andrew Reynolds,
for your questions.

Those non music related YouTube channels I like again are:
1. Dust ā€“ short(ish) SF dramas
2. TED ā€“ interesting short (ish) lectures
3. Name Explain (a young Englishman with really interesting etymologies)
4. Arizona Ghost Riders (tongue in cheek Wild West histories)
5. Growveg (about, well you know ā€“ my other passion)
6. Herwegrow (Same thing)
7. Vikinger (Iā€™m partially Swedish and have the hand issue to prove it)
8. Aircombatgroup (I like aviation stuff ā€“ this is CGI stuff but fun
9. IQ squared ā€“ a British Debate forum
10. Oxford Union (similar)
11. Langfocus (a Candaian chap with a great handle on philology (languages)
12. Whatifalthist ā€“ an Alt. History channel
13. Knowing Better (about History, Government, and Psychology)

Music related:

1. Daddy Stovepipe
2. Paul Davids
3. Michael Watts (obviously)
4. Glenwillow
5. NPR Tiny Desk)
6. Acoustic Life (Tony Polecastro)
7. Peghead Nation
8. Minor Wilson
9. Leon Redbone Channel
10. Fretboard Journal
11. Pharis & Jason Romero
12. Guy Clark (related)
13. Tuba skinny ….. and so any more!

Plus any stuff from the Martin guitar Co., Collings, Santa Cruz, and Gibson (and others)

Useful Websites (that I may not have mentioned) :,

Plus, of course, any channels about Collings, Martin, Gibson, Santa Cruz etc.

By all means tel me about any errors or more info that might be useful to you and me.