Applying for a US Tourist Visa in Australia | USA 2018

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***Skip to 02:00 to ignore my back story gibberish… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…***

Hey guys! Just sharing my experience on how I got my US tourist visa a few months ago.

Being a permanent resident in Australia, I’m still using my Philippine passport so I’m not entitled to visa-less travel (read: ESTA) to the U.S., and therefore need to go through this process.

I’m excited to fly over and spend some time with my family. And just in time for the holidays, too. ❀️



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14 Replies to “Applying for a US Tourist Visa in Australia | USA 2018”

  • heyitsaura says:

    Skip to 02:00 to ignore my back story gibberish… πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…

    Supporting documents I brought to the interview:
    -recent payslips
    -copy of my leave application at work
    -passport and notification letter of my Australian visa

  • Samuel Suralta says:

    Magkano pay?

  • Genevieve Ordaniza says:

    Im watching video here po…may ng invite kasi sa akin puntang sydney

  • Genevieve Ordaniza says:

    Good for you sis

  • Genevieve Ordaniza says:

    Hi sis may friend ako sa sydney…same visa processing lng po friend here

  • Ronn Nnhie says:

    Hi. What documents do i need to provide for applying US tourist visa? Police check din ba kailangan? Nsa Melbourne din po kasi ako at the moment.

  • isyadoesstuff & family says:

    Our sisters in Australia too! Bagong kaibigan po! Napindot npo nmin lhat! Sna suportahan nyo din po kami! Thanks and keep in touchπŸ™πŸ˜

    • heyitsaura says:

      +Donna Reuyan Hi Donna! Yes. Nag student visa usa ko, dayun working visa and then PR. πŸ™‚

      I can barely remember the exact dates for some parts good thing naa sa email tanan. Haha! Here’s a rough sketch of my timeline:

      *August 11, 2014- Lodged application for Subclass 573
      *August 13, 2014- Student visa approved
      *February 17, 2015- arrived in Oz
      *March 2, 2015- start of uni
      *November 2015- Got hired by an employer willing to sponsor my working visa
      *December 18, 2015- Graduated from uni
      *December 31, 2015- received RN registration from AHPRA
      *January 25, 2016- 457 working visa application lodged
      *March 8, 2016- 457 visa approved
      *May 30, 2016- ANMAC assessment application lodged
      *July 26, 2016- assessment completed (just had to wait for the LOD in the mail)
      *February 27, 2017- added 1 year work experience to ANMAC LOD (for more points)
      *March 14, 2017- new ANMAC LOD issued
      *April 17, 2017- lodged EOI with 65 points
      *April 26, 2017- received invitation to apply for Subclass 189
      *May 23, 2017- applied for Subclass 189 (permanent residency visa)
      *September 20, 2017- subclass 189 visa approved

    • Donna Reuyan says:

      Hi Aura, what year gani ka nilarga padung australia? Nag transition ba ka from student to working and then working to PR visa? Pwede mo ask sa imong timeline?

    • heyitsaura says:

      +Lovely Villas You’re welcome! 😊

    • Lovely Villas says:

      heyitsaura thanx for the info…

    • heyitsaura says:

      +Lovely Villas Yung sa interview ko po, hindi na hinanap but I brought them with me (para sure). I guess mas maluwag sila pag Australian permanent resident. I would assume na mas strict sila pag naka temporary stay visa lang yung applicant so it’s best to have the supporting documents on hand in case they ask for it.