Author: wpadmin

» November 5, 2018

My trip to Florida earlier this year!🇺🇸 I still have to edit two more travel videos as well 🙂 Byee for now

» November 4, 2018 Reaching the United States is easy thanks to frequent flights departing from the main cities. Many airlines fly to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. To reach smaller cities […]

» November 4, 2018

Liz continues her road trip adventure in America, and today it’s her birthday!!! She travels from New Hampshire (NH) to Vermont (VT) and takes us along her day! To check […]

» November 4, 2018

Our trip to United States was fantastic and unforgettable! Check out what happened 😀 #fantasticthree September 2017

» November 4, 2018

Im going to keep doing what I love, and following my heart, because regardless of the noise, the people who want to be here will be the ones that want […]

» November 2, 2018

How to travel to USA for free with Worldlearning’s Student Exchange Program (Global Ugrad)? This is a series of videos in which I talk about how to apply, what you […]

» October 31, 2018

⭐️ APÓYAME A TRAVÉS DE PATREON ⭐️ ☼ SUSCRÍBETE: En el cuarto capítulo, Caro y yo vamos a un festival de música folk con muy poco folk… Espero […]

» October 31, 2018

Take your magic on the road with one of these simple travel talismans. Here are five charms that can help protect you and your family while you travel, while also […]

» October 30, 2018

■ KBS 걸어서 세계속으로 PD들이 직접 만든 해외여행전문 유투브 채널 【Everywhere, K】 ■ The Travels of Nearly Everywhere! 10,000 of HD world travel video clips with English subtitle! (Click on […]