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» July 4, 2019

Join Lynn and Dave as they travel to Orlando Sanford from Newcastle Airport with TUI Airlines, Premium Club. Hi everyone! We are Lynn and Aimee AKA Elle and Mimi! We […]

» July 4, 2019

Join me on a mission trip to Guatemala where I shared the gospel and the message of the Crown CARES to the village children in Los Chilitos. I was also […]

» June 30, 2019

A simple vlog about what one may expect to see in the Old town San Diego park. It is a not-so-far place when you are in San Diego and you […]

» June 26, 2019

HOTEL DEL CORONADO aka THE DEL or #hoteldel is situated in Coronado City and has a beachfront hotel across the San Diego Bay, CA. A story of a 24 year […]

» June 22, 2019

People think American English and British English are same, but some words are quite different and indicate same things. This brings some sort of discomfort to travels between these nations. […]

» June 18, 2019

Come along with me as I travel to Atlanta! Get ready for some Pageant Prep, Modeling, and even an interview with Boutique owner Amanda Moreno Young. . Go Follow @amandamorenoconsulting, […]

» June 17, 2019

SORRY NO TAX FOR THE FOOD! I APOLOGISE 🙏 Simple grocery-getting vlog of me #joannesolis #vons #grocery to fill us up especially on the midnight 🕛 On this video are […]

» June 12, 2019

Mommy takes Nova and his brother back to USA by herself. It gonna be fun in the plane with 2 kids.

» June 9, 2019

If you want to get to know a place go to its park and you will have a glimpse of the kind of people who live in that community. Join […]