do we miss living in the united states?

We’re back in Phoenix, AZ after 15 months in Mexico. Can we find “Mexico” here? And do we miss life in the US?
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In today’s Mexico to Phoenix vlog, we’re doing something that we’ve wanted to do for a long time—finding “MEXICO” in Arizona! We’re going around Phoenix, Arizona, attempting to find Mexico enclaves, grocery stores, shops, restaurants, and things that just generally remind us about our newly-found home in Mexico.

Finding pieces of Mexico in our old stomping ground was a bit emotional, exciting, and a little bit shocking. What was surprising about it? Well, for example, one grocery store that we used to think was the epitome of Mexico really only has minor Mexican attributes.

We ran out of time to do/see everything we wanted to in Phoenix, unfortunately. But there’s always next time! We hope to visit some more authentic Mexican restaurants in Phoenix to see how they compare. Plus, we’d like to chat with some more people in town to find out where they came from and what brought them to Phoenix.

Toward the end of this video, as we wrap up our Phoenix trip, we reflect on the things we miss about living in the US. As much as we love our new Mexican home, there are still quite a few things we miss about the US and Phoenix in particular.

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20 Replies to “do we miss living in the united states?”

  • moctezumaleon says:

    Hello there do you have any single lady for me? To make bambino’s.niños y chamacos ,

  • firm1z says:

    I’m from Phoenix too, love Ranch Market. Welcome back. What’s your favorite Mexican food spot in Phoenix? I’ll have to take you to better places than Taco Bell, to the real non franchise places. Hey that food City is by mother-in-law’s casa.

  • Dave B says:

    So are you thinking about what you are going to edit out all the time?

    • Dave B says:

      +Tangerine Travels When you are on camera do you think I’ll probably edit this out? Like noises or fumbles. You don’t put everything you record out I’m sure.

    • Tangerine Travels says:

      I’m not sure what you mean

  • Alejandro Molina says:

    You are very nice guys i would like you come back and film pachuca hidalgo it would be interesting have good day guys

  • Alejandro Molina says:

    Hello guys i like very much your videos i am english teacher in mexico

  • Alan Morales says:

    Hey! Good Spanish!

  • Capacitación y Consultoría Estratégica says:

    This is not a “hispanic” market. It´s a Mexican market.

    • Capacitación y Consultoría Estratégica says:

      +Tangerine Travels You should know by now and tell the difference that set you guys apart from the average ignorant Americans. To label Mexican as a “Hispanic or Latin American” diminishes the real value of a Mexican. Mexican culture is bar none in the world.

    • Tangerine Travels says:

      Take it up with Google I guess ¯_(ツ)_/¯

    • Capacitación y Consultoría Estratégica says:

      +Tangerine Travels Plain wrong. It´s like saying “European” market instead Italian market.

    • Tangerine Travels says:

      It literally says “spacious Hispanic supermarket” on Google Maps

  • Joseph Haynes says:

    Filaberto’s is so nasty 🤢. They are always in violation for poor food handling. I received bloody chicken and never went back . They even got cited for serving cat meat .

  • Ricardo Martinez says:

    I watch your videos from time to time and I enjoy them, but my wife is a super fan of yours and she follows you all the time. I am from Monterrey but went to college here in the US in Vegas, many years ago. Back then, there wasn’t many Mexican restaurant options so tacos from Jack in the Box were great. Now I live in San Antonio, TX and I enjoy real Mexican food as well as Tex-Mex. My family from Monterrey, when they come to Texas they go to eat tacos in either Jack in the Box or Taco Bell. We are considering retiring in Mexico in a couple of years, so your point of view is very interesting.

    • Tangerine Travels says:

      Thanks for sharing your story, Ricardo! It’s interesting how food preferences can change after living in different parts of the world. We enjoy TexMex too but nothing compares to some good, authentic Mexican tacos though 😋🌮

  • William Cortes says:

    I Like Your Honesty, Sincerity.