Flying from KL to Denver – Work & Travel USA 2019 (VLOG 1)

My first VLOG of my travels for the Work & Travel USA program I signed up for in Dec 2019!

Work & Travel is something I’ve always wanted to do and I’m thankful to God that I got the opportunity to do so this year.

In this video I just took a few short clips of my travels from Narita (Tokyo) to Dallas and from Dallas to Denver and finally from Denver to my final destination: the YMCA of the Rockies!

A total of about 26 hours + of travelling! Crazy!

Everything was perfect except the little snag that American Airlines didn’t deliver 1 of my luggages, which happened to contain the much needed winter clothing 🙁

Nonetheless, praying that things will work out in God’s timing and my luggage and I will be reunited soon!

I’ll be working at the YMCA as a Food Service Worker.

Stay tuned for my next VLOG and follow along my journey in the USA 🙂

Camera: Canon EOS M50
Editor: iMovie

*Slightly annoying buzzing sound in the video caused by the 22mm lens focusing. Hoping to resolve this by using a different lens.