How are the TRAINS in the USA?: AMTRAK | Travel Guide | Empire Builder (Full HD)

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I love train travel and have been on many around the world. The trains in the US are pretty comfortable. The seats are much bigger and there is more leg room than other trains. In this video I take the Amtrak Empire Builder train, which travels daily between Portland Oregon and Chicago Illinois. I got off at Williston North Dakota and the journey took approximately 24 hours and cost about $300 USD round trip. The seats all have power outlets and there is a

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2 Replies to “How are the TRAINS in the USA?: AMTRAK | Travel Guide | Empire Builder (Full HD)”

  • Seoulwalk ์„œ์šธ์›Œํฌ says:

    Thank you for sharing:) it’s a informative video.

    • Cody Abroad says:

      No problem! The trains in the US are much different. The seats have much more room than Asia and is more comfortable for sleeping. The trains are often late though. Lol