This is a step by step demonstration of filling out an ESTA form online.
If you are planning on travelling to the United States any time soon then you will need to fill out an on-line form.
Electronic System For Travel Authorization.


  • Matt Lineker says:

    Do you know how to do a group application?

  • FitsYourLife says:

    Do i need an ESTA for a connecting flight?

    • Geoff Dean Theme Parks says:

      If you are traveling into the USA you’ll need an esta, I’m pretty sure there is a section that is on here where you have to fill out if you are connecting within. Whether they still charge for this or not i believe it still has to be filled out.

  • Amir Daoudi says:

    Can someone plz help me i tryed to chuck my status but it keeps telling me that the Application doesn’t exist

  • Munchiefail says:

    Hi. I got busted with 5 grams of weed and while using it back in october 2018. What i got was a ticket. Anyone know if im completely fucked on entering the US in July? I wish to travel there from sweden to visit my girlfriend.

  • Zeus 15 says:

    Hi, I have completed and paid for esta. I didn’t receive any email and it won’t accept my ref number, it says application does not exist, I can’t reach anyone to explain this. Have u heard anything similar

  • Emmie Queen says:

    For the US point of contact, what do u do if you are staying in two different states? I go to New York first then Orlando, do I just put in the New York address?

  • Tom U-S says:

    I am from the UK and am visiting Mexico on 28th January, but my flight is to L.A and I will be driven to Mexico. Does this class as being in transit to another country?
    Also, will this be a physical document that I should bring? Or once it’s approved do I not need to bring anything with me?

    Thank you in advance and any extra tips or information would be helpful

  • Margaux Hée says:

    Hello, thank you for this video. I do have one question: I’d like to go on a road trip across different states and so obviously I would not be staying at the same place for more than one or two nights. So in the travel information, should I type in the address of the 1st hotel I’d be staying at? Thank you once again

  • khatb kazi says:

    Want to go to dominican republic via newyork. What r the chances to get esta. I was rejected usa n canada visa 21 years bk

  • Zeus 15 says:

    Hi…. tnx for this….. do I also need a visa or will this ESTA do??