HOW TO SPEND A GREAT DAY IN CHICAGO ✈️ Chicago, USA Travel VLOG | Layover EP. 30

Welcome to this week’s episode of my Cabin Crew Layover Travel VLOG Series, which sees me travelling the world a little bit at a time. My work travels send me everywhere from the west coast of America, for the far each reaches of Singapore and Australia, with many unique and exciting destinations in between. This amazing career has given me so many wonderful opportunities such as touching a piece of the moon at the NASA centre in Houston, visiting multiple Disney parks across the globe, eating crazy street food in Thailand, browsing the markets in China, climbing the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, and so much more!

This episode sees me exploring Chicago in the USA, my 7th country, where I explore the city, taking in the famous Bean statue, enjoying a breakfast at the Nutella Cafe and dig in to a famous Chicago Deep Dish Pizza!

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