Overcome Social Anxiety Disorder – Travels update in the USA – Do you AVOID people from High School

Is life passing you by?
Do you feel like you are being left behind?

Do you avoid people you grew up with at high school?

First 10 minutes: Travels update in the USA – Vegas to NYC Manhattan

***Strive to overcome your fears by taking on tasks and doing things that are outside of the comfort zone of a normal person who does not have social anxiety
***Do the impossible and you will not feel like you are not as good as other people
***Add all of the people from your grade at high school on Facebook, send them a DM to tell them you experienced social anxiety during school

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Overcome shyness and social anxiety WITHOUT medicine or therapy – in a fun and nurturing environment. Using action based behavioural exercises daily we can live happy and free.

What is Social Anxiety? How much Social Anxiety do you experience?
Are you sick of being nervous around people? Do you want to feel confident around people at parties and work? Are you sick of cognitive behavioral therapy?
Do you avoid meeting new people you find attractive, avoid jobs that pay well because they involve talking to people, stay inside the house all day to avoid going out during your free time?

We take 🥰DAILY action to encourage each other to overcome social fears. We challenge our limitations by taking 🥰DAILY action to step outside of our comfort zones. Experience what it feels like to be socially free immediately from day 1. Feel the fear and do it anyway. Just Do It. By operating outside of our normal comfort zones, we feel the magic, and work towards our life goals despite the feelings of anxiety.
Are you disappointed with your life?

Build meaningful relationships with those around you, for the long term. We teach you to rebuild your life from scratch. We help you build a healthy daily routine so that you will take 🥰DAILY action to challenge your social boundaries. Through long term commitment, this leads to complete happiness and fulfillment for your life.