REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK | Returning to the USA after living in MEXICO

We’re in TULUM sharing our unexpected reverse culture shocks in the United States after 1 year in Mexico.
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For over a year, we’ve been living in Mexico. When we first started traveling in Mexico, each day was filled with new culture shocks: language, food, interactions, driving—you name it!

We had a feeling we might experience some REVERSE culture shocks in the United States when we went back, but we didn’t think they’d be THESE! Join us in our Mexico travel vlog 2019 as we share all the cultural differences between living in Mexico and living in America (USA).

I think we’ll need to do a Part 2 reverse culture shock travel vlog when we fly back to Phoenix, Arizona in a month. There’s a lot about Vegas that is shocking on its own, whether you’ve been living in the USA or living abroad. What’s a reverse culture shock you experienced after living in another country for a while?

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10 Replies to “REVERSE CULTURE SHOCK | Returning to the USA after living in MEXICO”

  • Tangerine Travels says:

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  • Paul Garcia says:

    I don’t really think folks with an accent (Spanish) would be offended if you spoke Spanish to them. I think they’d truly appreciate you speaking Spanish, but it’s nice to ask you you may.

  • Rainbow Squash says:

    You almost swallow that fly

  • colourful64able says:

    What are you shooting with. It seems very vivid today ! Also did you use an app to learn spanish

  • Allan Torres says:

    Hey guys I just saw your video and notice you said that some places charge you “the service or tip” that’s actually illigal here in Mexico… I know you’ve been here for a while but you probably didn’t know that… They cannot charge you the service if you doest ask for it. Also if you have any problems about anything you buy, like change on the price, tip charge, etcétera, you can report it to PROFECO. They can help you to solve problems like that.
    I love your videos and I hope you still enjoying been here. Saludos!

  • Juss BRAVO official says:

    TULUM ❤🔥👽🛸🛸🛸

  • Linda Tijsma says:

    I think in those situations God teaching us to be assertive..hey would you mind moving your stuff and be considerate

  • David de Alba says:

    That language thing that you mentioned is all too common. The good thing is it won’t last more than a couple of hours to get used to speaking the local language.

  • Rainbow Squash says:

    Once you picture and recall the grammar in both languages you won’t have the confusion problem, it’s been forever since i read a book in spanish but whenever i get back to it i can read exeptionally, that’s because I started with the grammar until i learnt english pronunciation but the grammar comes to my mind first when speaking english.

  • Bob says:

    Your comments about restaurants echo many conversations I’ve had and heard about the restaurant experience in the US versus Europe. Often Americans find European restaurants to offer a lower standard of service because you have to grab the attention of the waiter if you want anything including the bill. Conversely, Europeans often feel the waiters go overboard and end up pestering them when they actually just want to be left in peace to eat and talk!
    Another thing is sweetness. I’m English and I’ve been to the US and I remember finding a lot of things like bread and orange juice a lot sweeter than in the UK.