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» November 21, 2019

Visiting the everglades in Florida USA, and discovering the amazing nature that the states has to offer Living your passion for travel is one thing, but filming yourself doing it […]

» November 15, 2019

After 8 weeks in Honduras I travelled home via NYC to hang out with a friend. These are the clips I took back in 2017. Cycling to Brooklyn was one […]

» October 22, 2019

Short Clips Edited into a short video of my USA travels Come hang out in my live streams at Twitch.Tv/Aussie_Tv See you all there ! Hope Your All Well. Sit […]

» October 18, 2019

My dream is to become a travel vlogger! PLEASE SUBSCRIBE! YOU can easily help me with my dream in just 2 seconds! Im just beginning my travels and have a […]

» October 14, 2019

I travelled from Seattle, Washington, to Tuscaloosa, Alabama. Here is some video footage from my travels. An american flag in Charlotte Airport, Civil Rights Museum in Birmingham, cool automatic back […]

» October 9, 2019

This began as sort of a ‘second a day’ video and became a memory of my year (Jan 2015 – Jan 2016) in Perth, Australia, including travels around the country […]

» September 28, 2019

What’s currently going on with Ivy’s show and how you can help us achieve a professional goal. I know I don’t have thousands of fans (yet) but we are genuine, […]

» September 27, 2019

We went to Montana, USA for our anniversary and stayed in an amazing tiny home! We have always wanted to stay in one and it was such a fun and […]

» September 23, 2019

Sharing my first day in Melbourne, Australia, the city of cafes and clubs. I am sharing travels tips for getting here and getting around.I will betravelling the great Ocean Road […]

» August 27, 2019

We’re finally heading back to Europe! We had a great time exploring our own country, but today we’re enduring a brutal 27+ hour long-haul travel day to head to a […]