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» January 23, 2020

The new year thus far… the good, the bad, with “downright ugly” me. A very short update, not too happy, not too sad…

» December 31, 2019

This is a video about all my travels this past year (with my husband, my mother and my grandmother). We traveled to: Dar es Salaam and Zanzibar, Tanzania Stockholm, Sweden […]

» December 31, 2019

We spend almost 6 month driving through the States. Sleeping in our car or on our friend’s couches. Then we drove through Europe a couple of times. So many rad […]

» December 22, 2019

This replaces an old sizzle reel with something newer and more relatable. We are still trying to raise funds for the RV and would like to invite you to donate […]

» December 20, 2019

United States of America A concrete jungle indeed! On the Summer of 2019, we visited United States of America for the very first time. Though this trip has been sort […]

» December 20, 2019

USA Travel Video About Nature Beauty (Friend Travels) www.learnonlineschool.com 0311-5559404

» December 11, 2019

Hey Guys! What’s up? In this video I’ll show you a GIFT that I received before my travels to The States but I wasn’t allowed to open it until I […]

» December 4, 2019

On this Giving Tuesday, I briefly speak about how the show is still trying to accomplish its goals this year and am disappointed that Ivy and I aren’t getting anywhere. […]

» November 25, 2019

Check out the final three days of our USA travels as we get suited & booted, struggle with confetti canons, make new friends who love Downton, end up in a […]

» November 23, 2019

We’re a young American couple who sold everything to live in Mexico. If there’s one thing we regret, it’s not leaving the US sooner! ►Start your free trial of Rocket […]