TRAVEL DAY NEWCASTLE TO ORLANDO | TUI Premium Club | USA Vlogs 1 | Elle and Mimi

Join Lynn and Dave as they travel to Orlando Sanford from Newcastle Airport with TUI Airlines, Premium Club.

Hi everyone! We are Lynn and Aimee AKA Elle and Mimi! We are a mother and daughter blogging and vlogging team. Aimee lives in Orlando, Florida and Lynn lives in Durham, England. We love to share our latest travel, fashion, beauty and life experiences from both sides of the Atlantic!

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8 Replies to “TRAVEL DAY NEWCASTLE TO ORLANDO | TUI Premium Club | USA Vlogs 1 | Elle and Mimi”

  • janice reynolds says:

    Nice to have the vlogs back, just got back from Florida 2 days ago, so got the blues, so this is just what i need thank you x

    • Elle And Mimi says:

      janice reynolds It’s always awful to come home but you can start to plan the next trip now! Thanks for watching! Xx

  • Abi French says:

    Why does it feel wired when someone says Newcastle
    Is it cos I live there or idk😀😆 plus I just went at the bottom of the runway to look at the planes landing and that

  • Disney through our veins says:

    Fab vlog – love a travel day xx thanks for sharing – we look forward to watching the rest of the trip xx

    • steve cheetham says:

      Been looking forward to your blog we were at royal Loews the the one hotel you’ve not been to apart from first two days it was red hot x

    • Elle And Mimi says:

      Disney through our veins Thankyou so much for watching! Lx

  • Actionmags L says:

    Woo hoo. Love your vlogs ❤️❤️