Travel to USA – Global Ugrad – EP03 (Student Interviews)

How to travel to USA for free with Worldlearning’s Student Exchange Program (Global Ugrad)? This is a series of videos in which I talk about how to apply, what you need to submit and more. More videos are coming up about Global Ugrad scholarship, subscribe to stay updated.

Interview questions for student exchange:
Tell us about yourself?
What are your experiences with student activities?
Have you been abroad before?
Why do you want to study in the US?
What do you know about the United States?
How familiar are you with education and culture in the USA?
What is one part of American culture that you are excited to experience?
What ways would you like to get involved in our program?
What are you planning to do when you come back home?
What are your goals? and how is global Ugrad going to help you achieve them?
(scenario questions) if you had to live with a roommate who smokes, what would you do?
That is what I got for now, let us know what questions you got asked before in interviews in the comments below.

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