Travel Vlog 2019 Bus fixed About to Head Back to USA

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14 Replies to “Travel Vlog 2019 Bus fixed About to Head Back to USA”

  • Rob Hernandez says:

    Good job on getting back on the road!Cheers

  • Rob Hernandez says:

    How is the fishing in Mulege? anyone know?Thank you

  • Marie Morrissey says:


  • KIESE MEDIA says:

    Stunning video. really enjoyed seeing it.
    Go on with it .subscribed to you.
    I would be really thankful for it if you sub back please πŸ™ πŸ™‚πŸ™πŸ˜ƒ ❀&✌

  • Green Snapper says:

    Hey Bud, Glad to hear that your about all fixed and Headed back to us !! lol But whats up with the Boat ? Did they bring you anything good ? lol ok Hope you drop a video letting us know your HOME…. Thanks Dude

    • Enigmatic Nomadics says:

      Hey Green Snapper! Yeah, the boat just ran along the shore and left. We’re actually packing everything up TODAY, lol. Ready to get to some cooler temperatures!

  • Cyn Forest says:

    Glad you’re ok and repairs are coming along successfully. Super news. Safe travels…

  • Jim Peterson says:

    We’ve had our 7.3 since 2012 — something like 287,000 miles and still going strong — the 7.3 is likely the best of the “older” high-speed diesel engines out there and beats the “newer” 6.0 14 ways to Sunday. Per that serpentine belt tensioner (and I’ve had to replace ours already), at least I can get on it directly with my 1/2″ breaker bar. As you know, there’s not a lot of room in there to work. Be glad it’s not a Dodge with the 5.9 — have to put a cheesy 3/8″ adapter on my 1/2″ breaker bar for those *and* the extra length of that adapter is *not* your friend. Plus 3/8″? Don’t get me started on Dodges! I can pull two bolts and slide the fan shroud on my 7.3 out of the way. With Dodge, it looks like they tried to mount everything ON the fan shroud — the difference is like night and day.

    Dodge is such a pain in fact that I replaced the fan clutch on my brother’s 5.9 without removing the shroud *or* the fan — try that some time on a *HOT* engine for some good practice with your cuss words. πŸ™‚ On the 7.3, there’s also an idler pully (smooth and up high — the back side of the serpentine belt rides on it) which I would go ahead and replace NOW. When ours failed, I was able to tie the belt up out of the way and drive a short distance to get back to camp with it that way but that meant no cooling *and* no brakes *and* no power steering either. And with these larger rigs, if you don’t have power steering and braking assist, you got a whole lot of nuttin’. πŸ™‚

    • Jim Peterson says:

      +Enigmatic Nomadics Even the 12-Valve is only 160 to 215 HP at 2,500 RPM (400 to 440 lb-ft torque at 1,600 RPM). My brother has an ’02 or ’03 5.9 — and he has had more problems than I could have ever afforded to deal with. He has a small fraction of the 287,000 miles on our 7.3 (much of it towing a 13,000# fifth wheel) and he’s had to replace his Bosch injection pump (*NOT* cheap) TWICE already. πŸ™ For comparison, the ’01 to ’03 7.3 has 275 HP at 2,800 RPM (525 lb-ft torque @ 1,600 RPM).

      And there’s this:
      “You could almost say this list won’t be worth a darn if the 7.3L Power Stroke engine isn’t included. Ford’s legendary powerplant, founded on the International/Navistar T44E, literally is the icon for the no-nonsense, β€œgit’ur dunnnn” attitude that diesel engines symbolize. While the 7.3L’s entire 9-year lineage will always get much-deserved recognition, we feel the top-performing workhorse–the 275hp/525 lb-ft ’01-’03 engine (available with manual transmission)–is the best of the group for this roster. [These numbers are for the newer engine. Our 2000 is only 210 HP and 425 lb-ft torque but I’m thinking that may easily allow our engine to be more reliable longer term. There is always a trade-off when these high-speed diesels are pushed too hard.]

    • Enigmatic Nomadics says:

      lol, I’ve always thought the 5.9’s were supposed to be the most sought after. (12 valve ones) Yeah, I’m learning about this beast slowly, but surely. Thanks for the feedback, Jim!

  • RVQuilt Quest says:

    Such great adventures!! Safe travels! πŸ™‚



  • Darryl Drax says:

    Awesome that y’all got it fixed and running πŸ‘
    Y’all have a safe uneventful trip back