UNUSUAL THINGS TO DO IN SEATTLE | Seattle, USA Travel VLOG ✈️ Layover EP. 32

Come explore Seattle, Washington with me in this week’s installment of my Cabin Crew Layover VLOG series, where I VLOG my travels across the world in the hopes of visiting 60 countries before I turn 30. This week I am in country number 7 and I let a follow crew member take charge and show me around for the day. We go to visit Meredith Grey’s house from Grey’s Anatomy, take in the views from Kerry Park, wander down to see the Space Needle and end the layover with apparently the best Mac and Cheese in Seattle. It was a great day and I’m happy to share it with all of you.

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My Cabin Crew Life sees me travel everywhere from the west coast of America, to the far east reaches of Singapore and Australia, with many unique and exciting destinations in between. This amazing career has given me so many wonderful opportunities such as touching a piece of the moon in Houston, visiting multiple Disney parks across the globe, eating crazy street food in Thailand, browsing the markets in China, climbing the Harbour Bridge in Sydney, and so much more!

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