USA to Argentina Road Trip Travel Series (Week 11)

Continuing on our journey from the USA to Argentina as we make our way through Mexico! This video is actually 3 weeks put together in one week, a long and trying but rewarding 3 weeks at that!

Behind the scenes, what was not displayed in the video was the reason it took us so long to complete this video was that the driveshaft on our Subaru broke in Cancun Mexico and we were unable to find a new driveshaft to fix it in Mexico. That left us no choice but to have one of us fly to Miami, USA where the part was to be shipped, pick it up and fly it back on a plane to Cancun to be fixed. That was a very costly repair and set us back some time and money on our travels. However… We are BACK ON THE ROAD!!


And continue on with us as we make our way through Guatemala, Nicaragua, Honduras, Costa Rica and Panama! Stayed tuned for our next video as we finish making our way through Central America!