Usa travel book filled with adventure and travel

Reaching the United States is easy thanks to frequent flights departing from the main cities. Many airlines fly to New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. To reach smaller cities (for example Denver, Colorado), you need to make a stopover. The costs are within everyone’s reach because of the increasingly competition: now it’s a breeze to reach the US with low budget .

If you are looking for low-cost or high-end accommodation, the USA can satisfy anyone. In the big cities there are hostels, luxury hotels, but also apartments available . A separate topic should be made for motels: they are in fact outside the large urban centers, especially along the roads. The cost per night in the hotel varies from city to city. Expect pretty high prices in New York and San Francisco . While it comes down from time to time in Orlando or in smaller cities.


Getting around in cities like New York and Chicago is a breeze thanks to the dense bus and metro networks. Another story if you are visiting Miami, Orlando or Los Angeles. In the latter the ideal is to use Uber or rent a car. The average cost of bus and metro tickets varies from city to city. In New York I recommend the Metro Card.