USA vs CANADA vs MEXICO: Where do Japanese girls and boys want to travel to?

We gave Japanese girls and boys the choice to pick the country they want to travel to next: Their choices were Mexico, Canada and the USA. Watch their reactions to see which country Japanese people want to travel to.
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10 Replies to “USA vs CANADA vs MEXICO: Where do Japanese girls and boys want to travel to?”

  • Mm Mf says:

    Ojalá que los Otakus y frikis no vean esto. Se sentirían muy decepcionados. Mejor aprendan inglés, les hará más provecho.

  • ANDROS says:

    She must of stayed near a gang hood when she heard the gun shots in L.A.

  • Allan Rodriguez says:

    Estados unidos playas bonitas? Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha
    Pobre japoneses.

  • Lee MaeLand says:

    countries of Latin America now.
    Mexico is my country and I see that only one chose it…

  • Sahil Khan says:

    My name is faisal and i just want to visit japan to meet you directer saan

  • Kurt Koleszar says:

    You can only see the Aurora borealis really far north. To cold and a shit hole. Only reason to go that far north is for the economy

  • Rim says:

    it’s Romanian* in English. Sorry to whoever made the subtitles 笑

  • Spartacus547 says:

    How many little Tokyo’s do you have in your countries we have 4 CA has 3 NY 1, u.s. and Japan have United in business relations for over 50 years probably why we’re deep-seeded into their culture from Nintendo, PlayStation to car manufacturing to electronics Technologies, and entertainment

  • Valeria Musielik says:

    As a mexican I feel… SAD japanese you…. Why

  • Guillermo says:

    Oh, subtitles in spanish