USA vs Mexico. Cost of Living.

Explore the real differences between the cost of living in the USA vs Mexico. Stories of retired life in Ajijic, Mexico on the shores of Lake Chapala. Projects at home in the mountains of central Mexico, our USA travels in a 40′ Monaco motor home, or whatever else is on my mind today.


What’s that camera with the 50 power Optical Zoom ????

Where can I get that Stun Gun Flashlight ????

These are Amazon Links to things you may have seen in my videos. If you order anything within 24 hours after clicking on one of these links, I can get a small commission. I don’t turn down the money, but the list is to answer those, “WHAT WAS THAT ??”, questions. πŸ™‚

Panasonic Camera

Stun Gun Flashlight

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Smooth 4 Phone Gimbal Stabilizer

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Motion Activated Cupboard Lights

10 Replies to “USA vs Mexico. Cost of Living.”

  • 2 1/2 Acres says:

    Thanks for the vid. Keep them coming. Have a great day!

  • Juvenal Mendoza says:

    Well we all want live good life any where in the world Mexico still very affordable all depends how much money do you have , like you explain here in USA especially in the Bay Área San Francisco if you rented a small bedroom cost your 1400 dollars and you continue to do your budget so I said Mexico is with no question much better.

  • Mauro Sanchez says:

    You look so sad today, what happened? I’m going to guess, you’re suffering from the empty nest syndrome, about your daughter who returned to the US right?

  • Jorge Barajas says:

    You have any maids ?

  • Olivia Morales says:

    I’m Mexican American and I only been to Mexico 3 times and seen the difference from the US and Mexico on living wise and my dream is to save up and move to Mexico πŸ˜€πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

  • Debbie Heiman says:

    As always great information.

  • Aussie Lady says:

    Helen Australia πŸ‡¦πŸ‡Ί
    Well said…..
    And your house is amazing…
    Have a great day..
    From Australia…

  • Stephen Wopershall says:

    Great Video as usual!!…..Quick question……storage for your RV?….I have lots of room here at my Airpark home at Indian Hills, Salome. I live in a hanger house. Again, enjoy your videos. Loved the Moon place….$1400 month for everything…
    Out Here. ( Army for good by )

  • Joseph Edgington says:

    You are not the cheap b#*tard, I AM. But as you well state cost isn’t the only deciding factor.

  • Carl McElroy says:

    Hi Jerry, I am going to take a casual drive through Mexico about August as a retiree, I was curious, if I fall in love with the country , can a permanent resident bring personal items such as furniture into the country? I am also considering towing my little teardrop trailer to stop at some RV camps in addition to staying at Air B&B s and such. Do the RV spots down there have facilities? As you know the only restroom in a real teardrop is a Folgers tin. Can Lynn do another ditty sometime? Regards from Phoenix.