Visit The USA! Sos Talks Money Travel on a Budget

Oh to travel, to see the world, to take-in different cultures and beautiful sites, to create life-long memories, and of course to drop some epic grams. This is all comes with price, especially if you’re going abroad. A ticket to Europe can be upward of $1000; try double that if you’re trying to hit up Asia. And that’s just the flight. Throw in the hotel, cars, train tickets, food, shots of absinthe it ads up! Don’t get me wrong, I’m not hating on traveling abroad; I’m just hating (per usual) on being wasteful and doing things that are not within your means. It’s easy to travel into debt… getting out isn’t as easy! Which brings me to my point: Save that money and visit the USA! Here’s a VIDEO I did among hip-hop fans at Rolling Loud Miami, shedding some light on the epidemic of young people’s apathy to saving money.