Walking from Surfrider Beach to Malibu Pier in Malibu, California USA | Travel Guide 🎧 【4K】

Malibu is a beach city west of Los Angeles, California. It is known for Hollywood celebrity homes, people in the entertainment industry, and other affluent residents.

The iconic Malibu Pier was originally built in 1905. It contains some shops, restaurants, and a great place for fishing, strolling and people-watching.

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📅 Recording Date: July 2019

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13 Replies to “Walking from Surfrider Beach to Malibu Pier in Malibu, California USA | Travel Guide 🎧 【4K】”

  • Wind Walk Travel Videos ʬ says:

    *I hope you enjoyed my walking tour at Malibu Pier in Malibu, California.*
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  • Nagranddan says:

    Can you do one of Zuma Beach and Leo Carrillo Beach?

  • arnold grimes says:

    Best restroom when surfing jack in the box across the street or the sea.

  • Adrian S says:

    Great videos!!! Do you have to “walk funny” to keep the camera from bouncing up and down too much?

  • Lynn Ferguson says:

    Love these videos. I live at the jersey shore and our beaches are nothing like these. We have to pay to park and pay to get on the beaches.Plus, the weather here is only good a few months out of the year. I cannot wait to move to California. so beautiful and love the sound of the waves. I could listen to this all day and see people going abt their daily lives at the beach. thanks for the awesome video

    • Wind Walk Travel Videos ʬ says:

      Thanks! I want to visit New Jersey.

    • Nagranddan says:

      Check out Zuma Beach if you’re in the Malibu area – much more wide open than this and parking is a little easier. They have an easy trail around the sea cliff where they filmed Planet of the Apes (where they had the Statue of Liberty) Around the pier is impossible to park most of the time for free. And they showed the valet parkng there you pay for but I’m not sure how much that is, never did it.
      Weather is usually great but can get hot in Southern California. Due to not having a lot of rain fall, there is a chance of brush fires spreading out in fall – if you watch the video, you can see a lot of the brown dry brush that was a superbloom earlier in the spring. I’d heavily recommend you drive along the coast, it’s such a beautiful drive from south to north.

  • LongJohnHolmes says:


  • Igor Pavlenko says:

    Great video !

  • Susan Draws says:

    I Love Malibu it‘s so beautiful there

  • Dupree Johnson says:

    did you color grade this? the sky looks weird and the sea looks so green..something’s off or it’s just me..hehe. thanks as always

  • **Hash- Tag** says:

    Travel to Santa Maria as well!